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This is Mandy's Mudroom! We offer stylish and highly creative garments, for man's best friend, or in my case, a woman's best friend, and her loyal canine companion.  Here is where you will find handcrafted dog clothes, treats and lifestyle tips with lots of love from Mandy and friends.

Here's a little bio on me before we get to the good stuff:
My name is Linda and I became a crafter at the tender age of six years old. I inherited an antique black iron sewing machine from my Grandma Agnes; this wonderful heirloom sparked my passion for design and creativity.  My first designs were Barbie doll clothes made with scraps of material from my mother and I sold them in my Uncle Ed's drug store. That was just the beginning of my lifelong love and involvement in the area of fashion and costume design. Since then, I've headed a design team, taught sewing and quilting classes, worked as an accessory buyer for a furniture store, owned my own Home Accent Store and Interior Design business, appeared on an Arts and Action TV show, and I work at a decorating magazine. All these years of exciting pathways have led me to this website where I want to follow my dream and design!

I would very much like to hear from, on to the main attraction!

Mandy's bio:


One Saturday afternoon, while my husband and I were heading to an art show, we stopped at Kay's Animal Shelter. Inside we met Mandy and we were so moved by this little "lost" dog. They told us she had been on the street for days, drinking foul water and any scrap food she could find. She was so thin and needed special care. She was such an innocent bundle of love.  We adopted her and she has given me so much joy!  She is the daughter I never had and I love to take care of her and dress her. She is the happiest little "lost" dog found!
Now, I am inspired to design and create again. I designed a poof –poof garment for her with lots of pretty netting. I thought to myself, "I'd like to put a smile on people's faces through her and my design". So I took her to an assisted living home and she brought smiles to everyone. My father said, "Mandy is a special loving and peaceful".

I dedicate this website to the memory of my dad and to bringing a greater awareness to the American Cancer Society as the medical professions search for a cure.

WELCOME!  I hope you visit often.

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